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Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Tomorrow will be great !

It's already 9.30 pm here. But, err i don't feel any sleepy. Hahaha just remembered Mr.(unknown)was really look like a cat nap when he bumped into my class to watch us during the Try Out 2 . Love the time.

And now, i'm chatting with K (through MSN) who is already broke up w/ her gf. Ok , i wonder why they broke up ? and who's the one who end it? errr , curious haha. They are really cute and cool together. And err ok , they'r so much like the coolest JHigh School Sweethearts. werrrrr. They r two of a kind but they successfully bridge the gap !! Love Them. There's still a chance to make the situation back to normal, dude ! haha KEEP FIGHTING (??)

There will b my youngest (errr actually not the youngest)cousin named Rahma's birthday party. And I really wanna attend the party cause the whole family will come (still hoping) haha.
And, may be i'll have my nights there wiiiiiiiiiiii!!! watch videos, sing no matter how terrible and horrible it will be, dream no matter how unrealistic they may seem. Ahhh , love it love it.
Ok i'll take the picture of me and the whole fam and i'll post it as soon as i reach my comp. wiiiii

Wish me luck for the latest result of HS test on 5th June
Thanks xoxo

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