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Senin, 31 Mei 2010


Good morning sunshine !! The earth says "hellooouuuu"

hahaha remember that ? Willy Wonka Willy Wonka. It's the best movie ever at lease for me 

And , hey that little "cute (?)" thing above is one example of "an absolute error"


because my blog is just started errr may be a week ago. It's impossible for it to reach its first b'day in only 4 or 5 or even 3 weeks, right ? so It's a little Human Error or may be Internet Error.

And the second thing is ...

I'll just wanna remind you, now I AM in process of learning how to use english in a good and right way. So , i'm sorry for the miss-spell , mistakes , grammar , and all the things related to E.N.G.L.I.S.H . And one more :

I use this blog to improve my english and learn more about ... what? i don't know. Oh yea. Human Rights (errr, it's a little too exagerating but, ok it's true. 

And still.. wish me luck on June, 5th 2010

thanks xoxo


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